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18155 SW Baseline Rd.
Beaverton, OR

(P) 503 629 5999(F) 503 629 2529
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Anderson Towing
(P) 503 439 9900

Integrity Towing
(P) 503 465 0500

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(P) 503 245 3653

Labor Rate $150/HR

Feel free to phone or email for routine service quotes, software installations and bolt on performance quotes. However in the case of wanting a second quote for a repair suggested by another shop, please know we are committed to offering the highest quality services at competitive prices. It is not our practice to offer the lowest price to win your business, quite contrary we’d rather earn your trust then your repeat business.

If your car is in for repairs at another facility and you’ve been quoted for a specific repair and would like us to quote the same repair we need to see the vehicle in order to do so. In most cases a diagnostic fee will apply. We do not provide phone or email quotes for repair work. Repair Work is NOT routine service, performance upgrades, software, etc. Its actual REPAIRS that should be evaluated before attempting to quote. At the very least refer to our hourly rate to see how our price might compare. We are committed to offering you the best service experience possible and quoting repair work over the phone or by email is not doing you or your car justice. If your vehicle is in need of repairs please call to schedule a diagnostic appointment with which we will provide you with a full estimate for repairs as well as a courtesy safety inspection. Diagnostic charges generally run from $75-$200.

Futrell Autowerks is located on Baseline Road just two blocks east of 185th To reach us by MAX use the Willow Creek Stop

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